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the holocaust series

"The Holocaust Series" of artist's books, which now numbers twenty-one individual volumes, evolved after a visit to Yad Vashem Memorial Park in Israel. Each of the books contains individual prints and selected poems along with historical or eyewitness accounts, often by Holocaust survivors.

Each page in the unbound folio is an original print. The images are constructed from a variety of sources which include archival photos, family photos, TV images and those I have taken while traveling in Europe. Many are specific in nature while others deal with the subject in metaphorical terms.

The expressive content of the images required a solution in which light and materiality played a role. Thus their translucency, along with their tactile qualities, became an important aspect of the work suggesting a sense of age and the process of documentation.

Most books contain both poetry and historical documentation though some lean more heavily in one direction than the other. While Book VIII relies heavily on poetry, Book XIX is more oriented towards excerpts from documents such as "The Buchenwald Report" and similar material. It is subtitled, "Abel's Brother Cain" and deals primarily with betrayal.

Finally, all the books reference a variety of experiences and deceptions, as well as the gratuitous cruelty and irony, so integral a part of the events they depict. The collages seek to express these events through the eye of the artist, rather than that of the historian.

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